Friday, September 30, 2011

Setting up NiniteOne in a Windows Environment

I recently purchased a pro copy of Ninite  to run on our active directory controller to keep all of the workstations in our environment up to date. I couldn't find a walkthrough so here's how I made it work.

I installed the .exe onto a shared drive(For the example it is installed in Y:\Workstation Software), and gave all of the users read access to it.
We're running Windows server 2008 on our domain controller
On one of our domain controllers I opened the Group Policy Management snap in
Right click on the Workstations folder and select Create a GPO in this Domain and link it here
Name the GPO something useful like Ninite Login Script
Right click again, and select Edit
In the Group Policy Management Editor select User Configuration -> Policies -> System -> Login
Double Click Run these programs at user logon
Select Enable
 Click Show...
In the Value box enter Y:\Workstation Software\NiniteOne.exe /updateonly /silent ninite.txt
 The /updateonly switch causes Ninite to only update programs that are installed
The /silent switch doesn't prompt the user for input
ninite.txt creates a report file

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