Monday, September 30, 2013

Securing your Twitter accounts

So this last week I've had a ton of friends spam me with really suspicious DMs. I've texted them so they knew and could change their passwords, figuring they had just clicked on something they shouldn't have. Today, it happened to me. I'm pretty careful about what I authorize, and don't remember hitting anything suspicious. There's a fairly simple fix to keep this from happening in the future, enable two factor authentication. Here's how to do it.

First, log into Twitter, and open the Settings Menu

Click on Mobile

Enter your Phone number, and click Activate Phone.

Twitter will prompt you to send a text message to a number. Once the message has been sent you'll be automatically forwarded to a page that allows you to select what text messages Twitter will send you. Make your selections, then click Save Changes.

Once your changes have been saved, click on Security and Privacy

Click Send login verification to [phone number]

Click Okay, send me a message

When you receive the text message, click Yes.

Enter your Twitter password, and click Save Changes.

You should get the following confirmation page.

Now you'll get the following page and a text message whenever you use a different computer, or browser.

This should keep anyone from using your account without your permission.

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