Monday, November 18, 2013

Copying a Windows disk to a thumb drive

Here are the steps to quickly copy a Windows DVD to a USB drive.

1)     Format the drive
a)     Open Computer
b)     Right Click the USB drive you are going to use
c)      Click Format…
i)       Set File System to NTFS
ii)    Check the Quick Format box
iii)    Click Start
iv)    Click OK to finish formatting
2)      Insert your Windows DVD
3)      Make the device bootable
a)      Press the Windows Key on your keyboard
b)      Type CMD
c)      Right click on CMD.exe and click Run as Administrator
i)        Verify that E: is your USB Drive
ii)      Verify that D: is your DVD Drive
iii)    Type D:/Boot/bootsect.exe /nt60 E:
4)      Copy The DVD files to the USB
a)      Open Computer
b)      Open the Windows DVD
i)        Press CTRL and A
(1)   This is the keyboard shortcut for Select All
ii)      Press CTRL and C
(1)   This is the keyboard shortcut for Copy
c)      Open Computer
d)     Open your USB Drive
i)        Press Ctrl and V
(1)   This is the keyboard shortcut for Paste
ii)      Wait for all of the files to transfer

You can now boot a computer from your USB drive, and install Windows.

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